Iranian Chess Referee Fear Getting Back

Iranian games pioneer fears getting back over headscarf controversy. An Iranian chess arbitrator experienced harsh criticism after a photograph of her was coursed in state media demonstrating her without her headscarf during an occasion in Shanghai prior this month. Read Empire Method for more information.

Iranian Games Pioneer Fears Getting Back Over Headscarf Controversy

Shohreh Bayat disclosed to BBC she fears coming back to Iran since she stresses that she will be made a case of in the wake of being blamed for fighting Iran’s severe hijab law, which powers ladies in the nation to cover their hair and dress humbly.

“I turned on my mobile and saw that my picture was everywhere [in Iranian media]. They were claiming I was not wearing a headscarf and that I wanted to protest against the hijab,” she told BBC on Wednesday.

“It’s against my beliefs. People should have the right to choose the way they want to dress, it should not be forced. I was tolerating it because I live in Iran. I had no other choice.”

Photographs in Shanghai seemed to show Bayat with her headscarf over her shoulders while different pictures demonstrated her without a headscarf and her hair down.

“There are numerous individuals in jail in Iran in light of the headscarf. It’s an intense issue. Perhaps they’d need to make a case of me,” she told BBC.

Bayat, who turned into the primary lady to be the general secretary of a game league, said her achievements have been obfuscated due to the discussion.

“I can’t think of any Iranian women who have worked at such a high-level tournament. But the only thing that matters to them is my hijab, not my qualification. That really bothers me,” she said.

Bayat said she’s not sure what she will do now. She said she cannot return to Iran.

“This is a very hard decision. I feel so sad because I’m going to miss my family. If I had a choice to go back to Iran, of course, I would love to. But I don’t know what would happen to me.”

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